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Exposed Aggregate / Grit Wash Plaster

A great alternative to natural stones for exteriors is Exposed Aggregate / Grit Wash Plaster. These Aggregates (Marble Chips) when exposed in plaster give an attractive natural look, especially for facing walls. Stone or flint aggregates (white or coloured or a mixture of both) can be used in various proportions to give you the desired look. It needs no primer or under-coating.

A mortar of JK White Cement, dolomite powder and marble chips is prepared in a ratio of 3:1: 6. The surface should be combed properly, cleaned and cured before application of finishing plaster. A neat JK White Cement or coloured cement slurry is prepared and brushed on before application of the grit wash plaster. The JK White Cement wet mortar is then applied and re-toweled after 30 minutes. The surface is finally washed with water or 5% dilute hydrochloric acid, to expose the aggregates.

Exposed aggregate plaster made with JK White Cement is a popular choice for external surfaces for its zero maintenance, natural and rugged look and long-life.

Sand Face Spray Plaster

You may use Sand Face Spray Plaster for decoration and protection of your exterior as well as interior walls. It is a textured coating which is tough, water repelling and durable. The finished surface doesn't need further maintenance, painting or repainting for many years. It needs no primer or under-coating.

A mortar of JK White Cement, marble powder and marble chips ('0' No.) is prepared in a ratio of 4:1: 1. The coating is applied using a simple hand operated spray plaster machine. The surface is prepared by scrubbing thoroughly with a stiff wire brush and the mortar is simply sprayed on it using the machine. Curing must be done around 3 times a day for 3-4 days after 24 hours of air drying.

Sand Face Spray Plaster made with JK White Cement is preferred for its ease of application, low-maintenance, cost-economy, textured look and long-life.

White Cement Wash

Give a glistening sheen to your walls with Cement Wash made with JK White Cement. Cement wash gives durability and a gleam to your walls and is also very pocket-friendly. It can be used for interiors as well as exteriors of residential / commercial complexes, schools / colleges, hospitals etc.

Cement wash made with JK White Cement is also useful in filling minor cracks and faults in the plaster. You need not worry about giving a primer coat before you apply expensive paints as the Cement wash would take care of it.

JK White Cement wash is preferred by most painters as it is has a longer life than lime wash and doesn't even leave any marks on clothes. Applying JK Wall Putty before white wash gives superior results.

JK White Cement Wash is ideal for a large space with a small budget.