White Cement Based Putty

JKC WallMaxX White Cement Based Putty
JKCement WallMaxX White Cement Putty

JKC WallMaxX is a white cement based wall putty formulated with Abrasion Resistant Technology (A-R-T), which protects the painted surface from flaking and crack formation. Its unique formulation gives a smooth, glossy and durable finish, brilliant whiteness while offering superior coverage.

Universal Waterproof Putty

JKCement Shield MaxX Universal Waterproof Putty

JKC ShieldMaxX is a white cement based Universal Waterproof Putty with Active SiH4 Molecules. Its ready to use property makes it suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. The advanced formulation of the product protects the walls from dampness. It also provides a velvet like finish along with higher coverage.

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White Cement Based Wall Leveller

JKCement LevelMaxX White Cement Based Wall Leveller
JK Cement LevelMaxX White Cement Wall Leveller

JKC LevelMaxX is a white cement-based wall leveller and a polymer modifying self-curing mortar. It's a water-resistant product for all types of internal and external levelling and thin plaster applications over concrete and mortar wall surfaces. It can be used in dry, wet and humid conditions. It fills the fine pores of surfaces and covers up the undulations to give a white levelled surface. It can be used in dry, wet and humid conditions.

White Cement Based Self Curing Mortar

JKCement LevelMaxX Plus White Cement Self Curing Mortar

JKC LevelMaxX Plus is a water-resistant, white cement-based product which is perfect for leveling concrete, mortar walls and ceilings especially in case of major undulations, It has a unique composition of JK White Cement, high-quality polymers, mineral fillers and special chemicals, which helps to provide thickness up to 25 mm. It can be applied directly on block-work, concrete surface over rough plaster.

JK Wall Putty LevelMaxX Plus White Cement

Super Smooth Wall Putty

JKC Super Smooth Wall Putty
JKCement Smooth MaxX Super Smooth Wall Putty

JKC SmoothMaxX is specially designed with Micro-Particle Technology which gives a complete matrix to develop an extra smooth coat for flawless, pearl-like finish! Polymers form a thin film on the finish coat and create a smooth surface on the final coat to give it a premium finish.

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The Xtra Long Life Polymer in JKC WallMaxX provides highly durable basecoat that resists flaking.

Water repellent Advanced adhesion For new and repainted walls Extra Coverage

It can be directly applied to RCC surfaces such as ceilings, columns and blocks.