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Regional Training Centre : Nimbahera

The Regional Training Centre, Nimbahera is a premier training centre of India promoted with assistance from World Bank, DANIDA and Govt. of India as a unique HRD project in Cement Industries. It is equipped with modern training aids and caters to the skill enhancement and competency developmental needs of cement and other plants. It has trained over 16000 technical and managerial personnel during the last two decades.

The Centre has conducted many tailor-made in-house programs for cement and other industries in India and abroad including for Oman Cement, Oman and Star Cement, Dubai and Hama Cement, Syria / EHDASSE Sanat Corp. Iran.


Be a premier centre of excellence in competency development of human resources in cement, mining and other industries for meeting the techno-economic challenges under globalize environment.


Regional Training Centre seeks to develop ordinary manpower to produce extra ordinary results by providing the best inputs of learning to help industry generate surpluses with sensitivity towards environment, quality and cost.

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