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Power Plants

All our plants have captive power facilities except grinding unit at Jhajjar. Infact, JK Cement was the first Company to install captive power plant in the year 1987. J.K Cement is also the first cement Company to install a waste heat recovery power plant to take care of the need of green power. Today at its different locations, the Company has captive power generation facilities of over 140.7 MWs including Waste Heat Recovery of 23.2 M.W.

Plant Power Plants Capacity
Bamania 15 MW
Nimbahera 20 MW
Mangrol 25 MW
Gotan 7.5 MW
Muddapur 50 MW
Nimbahera – W.H.R 13.20 MW
Mangrol –W.H.R 10.00 MW
Total - 140.7 MW