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JK Waterproof

Product Information

JK Water Proof is a water repellant powder which is specifically formulated and designed to prevent the passage of water through pores and capillaries of the concrete. It lends protection to concrete against rain, moisture, dampness, humidity etc.

Use of JK Water Proof improves slump and reduces Water: Cement ratio by about 10%. It doesn't affect the setting time of cement or reduce its strength in any way. It is free from chlorides and is based on material which disperses rapidly and makes a homogenous mix with cement. It conforms with IS: 2645-1975. (Reaffirmed 1987)

JK Water Proof is the best and most economical way to ensure that your constructions are moisture free for decades to come. The quantity required is also very small, i.e. 2% of the cement weight (around 1 Kg of JK Water Proof with one 50 Kg bag of cement).

JK Water Proof compound has applications wherever there is a high exposure to moisture like basements, swimming pools, water tanks, water containers, bridges, foundations, roofs etc.

Give better shine and gloss to your Insitu flooring and mosaic tiles by making sure that they are non-absorbent and water tight, by using JK Water Proof. To obtain better colour retention and texture of the finishing coat, paint or plaster, it is essential that the base plaster is non-absorbent. This is where JK Water Proof is the best solution.

Product Information

How is JK Waterproof used

2% of JK Waterproof (1 Kg. of JK Waterproof with, 1 bag 50 Kg. of cement) is mixed thoroughly with cement by hand before the cement is mixed with aggregates. Thorough mixing is essential. For thorough mixing cement and waterproofing compound should be heaped on a mixing board and then thoroughly turned over several times with a shovel and finally passed through a fine sieve.

How JK Waterproof functions

JK Waterproof reacts with alkalies in the concrete forming a highly water-repelling compound along with capillaries and throughout the concrete or mortar. In this way, the surface tension forces which would normally draw water into the capillaries and microcracks do not apply and water is excluded.

Where JK Waterproof is used

a) Waterproof concrete Constructions like:

  • Basements, swimming pools, water tanks,water containers and bridges
  • Aggresion resistant concrete constructions, clarification plants, foundations, concrete construction in coastal areas
  • Constructions exposed to aggressive weather conditions, towers, concrete roofs etc.

b) Flooring and mosaic tiles

c) Rendering and wall plastering



Test Carried Out Neat Mortar Mortar+Compound
Using 2% by wt. of Cement
IS Requirement Conformity
Permeability to water, % of neat mortar 125
36 50% (Max) Yes
Setting Time Initial (Minutes) Final (Minutes) 24
30 (Min.)
600 (Max.)
Compressive Strength 3-Days (Mpa) 7-Days Mpa   23
Not less than 16 Mpa nor less than 90% of neat mortar Not less than 22 Mpa nor less than 90% of neat mortar. Yes
Water Soluble Chloride content (in compound)   0.02 The Chloride content determined accordance With IS:6925 in the product shall be declared by the manufacturer, further it should not exceed 2% by mass of the product. Yes