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Brand Story

JK White Cement

JK Wall Putty is the ideal applicant for smoothest and beautiful walls. Due to its white cement base,it prevents seepage and flaking. With intense competition generating not only from the putty category, but also from non-flaking paints, an ideal that stood out from the clutter had to be created.

The challenge was to move beyond just the 'paint won't flake promise, to educate the painters, builders and customers about the many advantages of wall putty, over other option like POP and chalk mitti. An interesting idea, of showing the product winning in a national wall painting was evolved.

The TVC created 'Chhutkau painter' as the face of the brand. While the very idea of a national wall painting championship caught on because of its hilarious 'mock seriousness'. the TVC delivered the complete message and made the actual primary TA-the painter, the hero.

As a sequel, Chhutkau painter is now the owner of a prestigious wall painting academy, in the second TVC. The twist in the tale comes when a student in the academy, in a bid to finish fastest, foregoes the use of JK Wall Putty, much to Shri Chhutkauji's chagrin. His stubborn insistence on Using the product for the best walls is both, a strategic and tactical masterstroke.

Chhutkau painter and his trusted brand JK Wall Putty have been going places. The journey of Chhutkau began as an aspiring national wall painting champion, who by using JK Wall Putty was able to beat the other contestants who were using POP and chalk mitti. Ever since, Chhutkau has been a very strong promoter of JK Wall Putty.

Thus when our very own Chhutkauji opened his own wall painting academy, only the best material for smoothest and beautiful walls was acceptable. The mantra followed strictly by all at Chhutkauji's Wall Painting Academy, "Painting se pehle sirf JK Wall Putty"

Since then Chhutkauji, has grown in both fame and recognition. In the new television commercial, "World famous wall painter" Shri Chhutkauji has been invited to judge the World Wall Painting Championship. He adjudges the winner of the International Championship, and quite naturally, the secret of the International Champion, JK Wall Putty!