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JK Super Grip

Product Information

JK SUPER GRIP is a premium product developed for fixing ceramic and vitrified tiles for interior wall & floor. The product is based on ordinary Portland cement, graded filler and special polymer additives. It gives excellent bond on cementitious surface like concrete, cement plaster, cement mortar beds, etc.

Area of Application

Fixing ceramic tiles on internal wall and floor/external floor application.
Meets the requirement of IS 15477:2004 TYPE-1

  • Manufactured under controlled production condition
  • Good adhesion strength
  • Easy to mix and simple to apply
  • No soaking of tile required
  • No curing required
  • Eco friendly
  • Value for money

How to Apply

Surface Preparation
  • The surface to be tiled should be clean & even, free from all kinds of dirt. Old surfaces must be free from any kind of laitance, grease, oils, wax, polish etc.
  • Dynamic joints to be filled with suitable joint fillers.
  • The facade must be scratched to expose at 7080% of the clean surface for better bonding.
  • The back surface of the tiles should be clean before application.
  • Dampen the surface before installation of Tiles.
  • Take 5.0-5.5 liters' clean water in a pot, gradually start addition of 20 Kgs JK super grip powder under continuous stirring to a homogeneous, lump free, soft & smooth paste-like consistency, mix for 3-5 minutes. A forced action mixer attached with paddle stirrer or a slow speed drill (50-100) rpm should be used for mixing
  • Allow it to fatten for 5 minutes
  • Hand mixing with trowel is recommended for small quantities only
  • Mix as much quantity, which can be used within 90-120 minutes.
  • Spread the mixed adhesive to a thickness of approx. 3-6 mm & comb with a notch trowel. Strictly apply the adhesive paste which can be tiled within 25 to 30 minutes
  • Intermittently touch the adhesive paste on substrate by finger. If the adhesive sticks to fingers then continue tiling & if not, scrape off the mix & apply new coat before further tiling
  • Start placing tiles on the surface to be tiled. Tap the tiles properly to ensure complete coverage of the backside of tiles & to eliminate the possibility of any air voids
  • Keep joints between two tiles using spacers, if required. Allow tiling to set for 24hours prior to filling joints.


Test results of JK Wall Putty
Particulars Test Unit IS-15477:2004 Result
Open Time Minutes 15 20
Adjustability Minutes 15 20
Tensile Adhesion Dry Condition after 14 Days N 750 1710
Tensile Adhesion Wet Condition after 7+7 Days N 450 810
Pull off Test (14 Days Dry)
(BS-5980-min.0.168 N/mm2)
N/mm2 NA 0.48
Shear Bond Adhesion Dry Condition after 24Hrs. KN 2.5 3.13
Shear Bond Adhesion Dry Condition after 14 Days KN 8.00 9.46
Shear Bond Adhesion Wet Condition after 7+7 Days KN 4.00 6.16
Shear Bond Adhesion Heat aging Condition after 7+7 Days KN 4.00 10.63
Pot life Hrs. NA 3.0


Excellent adhesion and possesses low shrinkage property.

Super Grip has proven excellent, shear adhesion in the "Heat Aging Test", since it has polymers in the product, which also reduces the shrinkage property. Further this product possess, excellent tensile adhesion properties.

Easy to use, just mix with water

The product is easy to use as only water is to be mixed at site and applied by a notch trowel over the surface within its pot life of 4 hours.

Self-curing adhesive

The product contains a special water retaining additive which holds water for hardening the cement, Polymer. It improves the work ability and water retention property.

Crack Free and firm surface that preserves beauty of tiling for longer time.

A mixture of Special graded sand and cement with special polymer additive gives a crack free, firm surface. It also provides a strong base to the tile, which prevents cracking and disintegration of tile.

Excellent waterproofing Characteristics

The presence of polymer in the product provides excellent waterproofing characteristics, thereby prevents the problem of efflorescence and also provides durability to the structure.