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Insitu Terrazzo

The craft of Insitu Terrazzo has made a comeback due to its durability, beauty and low cost. Insitu Terrazzo is prepared on site (hence "insitu") creating an almost seamless floor finish that is second to none in terms of quality and maintenance. There are no grout joints to clean, just a completely flat surface. It is popular for residential & office buildings.

It is a premium flooring for a cost less than that of some imported marbles and granites.

Other benefits of Terrazzo flooring laid by using JK White Cement are the endless colour schemes, design & pattern flexibility that can be made to achieve exactly the effect you desire.

In-Situ Terrazzo Gallery
Mosaic Tiles

A wide range of terrazzo tiles commonly known as mosaic tiles may be used to create different colours and designs. Mosaic is defined as a type of artistic composition created by inlaying small pieces of coloured stones in a mortar of white or coloured cement so as to create various designs.

JK White Cement is the chief raw material used in the preparation of Mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are dense, water tight and have hard wearing surfaces as they are manufactured on hydraulic presses, in factories under controlled conditions. These tiles can be fixed easily using JK White Cement.

Mosaic tiles are a popular choice for flooring in residential / commercial buildings, offices, swimming pools, hotels etc. They come in a dazzling variety and impart beauty wherever they are used.

Mosaic Tiles Gallery
China Mosaic
Italian Mosaic
Pavement Articles

Pavement articles made with JK White Cement can help you beautify not just the interiors but also the exteriors of your house. These paver tiles can extend the aesthetics of the inside of your house to your terraces, front yard, driveway etc. These pavers are also used for road markings, borderlines, pavements, parking lots and foot paths.

Paver tiles are known not only for their strength and durability but also that they come in an amazing array of colours.

Let your creativity show with the limitless options for your home exteriors with pavement articles made with JK White Cement.

Pavement Blocks
Under-bed of Marble

Marble is translucent and porous by nature. Marble allows light to pass through due to its translucent property. Marble, being a porous stone, lets particles to be absorbed from the base mortar. Hence, marble when laid on an under bed of grey cement leaves it looking dull and lack-luster

Make your marble flooring shine by using JK White Cement for the under bed. JK White Cement will ensure that your marble flooring looks stunning for years to come.

Marble Flooring Gallery