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Architectural Uses


Stretch your imagination beyond just wall and floor finishes with JK White Cement. There are many recent innovations that have been made with JK White Cement. Some of them include the use of Grass Reinforced Concrete and Pre-cast Panels which have revolutionized the modern construction and design world. Other aesthetic and creative applications include the use of JK White Cement in making any landscaping or ornamental article imaginable. Read on, and be amazed!

Ornamental Articles

You can now express your creativity by making any landscaping or ornamental article with JK White Cement that you can imagine! JK White Cement has notable applications in the moulding of sculptures, motifs, water fountains, benches etc. If you can dream it, it can be made, with JK White Cement!

Ornamental Gallery
Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

Impart greater strength and beauty to hand-railings, grills, pillars, motifs, cladding panels, water cascades, squash courts, ornamental articles, column covers etc. by using Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) made with JK White cement. GRC components can be coloured or white and can also be made in any shape or texture. Surface finish could be exposed aggregate, white, coloured, textured or featured.

GRC Gallery
Pre-cast Panels

Sometimes due to time constraints panels need to be pre-prepared and just set up on the site. White or coloured Pre-cast Panels of any size and texture can be made with JK White Cement.

Pre-Cast Gallery